Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime...And The Living Is Easy

Summer has come to the Carolina's and we are soaking it all in! We have all been so busy that I haven't had a chance to sit down and post anything. I was a little worried the last few weeks of school about planning and scheduling our summer. Making sure we had "things" to do. I have to admit...we have been so busy that we haven't done a single thing that I "planned"!

Jacob had soccer camp the first week of summer. He did great! He even got MVP on two days! At first I didn't think he was enjoying it, but by the end of the week he LOVED soccer camp. The coaches were great and really taught the kids some great lessons on teamwork. Here is Jacob looking very serious before he got his certificate.

After they called his name he ran through the coaches and parents for a huge line of high fives.

And some deserved pats on the back!

Week number two of summer we spent at Pawley's Island. What a beautiful place! Tod, the boys and I spent the week with my parents in a great condo overlooking the ocean. Tod had to go back a little early, but we stayed the rest of the week and had some fun in the sun. My parents played golf one morning so the boys and I took a hike around the complex. We saw some crazy birds and tried to find the alligator they say is on the island. Here are the boys on the hike. Jacob so wants to be a rock star!

We ate at a great restaurant, The Fish House. It had a fun playground for the kids while we waiting on our table. Brady kept saying, "Arg! I'm a Pirate!"

My arm!

As you can tell, the boys were truly on vacation. They had a TV in their room. Every morning they would wake up and turn it on. We wouldn't see them for another hour....until they were ready for breakfast.

Pool time! Jacob and Brady loved floating around in the pool in their new floats.

Jacob in mid-cannonball!

...and Jacob doing his "dead man's float.".

Beach time! After soccer camp.....we had soccer at the beach.

Brady instantly took to the water. He would jump in the waves for such a long time. We swam out to a sandbar and the boys played in ankle deep water for an hour. So much fun.

I believe vacations make brothers turn into friends!
My favorite picture!
Yesterday, my neighbors daughter brought me this strange flower that is growing wild out in the field across from our house. I looked it up and it is a Passion Flower. Such a beautifully odd looking flower.

And finally my summer harvest. I picked all of this today! We have a tomato, a cucumber, a zucchini, some peas, and some radishes. It feels so good to have a garden. This summer has turned into a bountiful one!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jacob's Last Day of Kindergarten

I just can't believe that Jacob's Kindergarten year is over. Yesterday his class put on an amazing performance for the parents. And, yes, I cried. We met in the music room where the kids sang three songs then surprised us and played FOUR songs on the keyboards! I was totally blown away!
Here is Jacob and his friend Francisco. So cute together.

Jacob has always said that he wants to be a Rock Star when he grows up. You have to start somewhere!!

The music teacher Mrs. Fuller did a great job with the kids. Here is their Mexican Hat Dance. It made me laugh.
And this is what made me cry...
We left the music room and headed to their classroom. Jacob's teacher Mrs. Carroll showed us a video that she made of EVERYTHING that the kids did all year. She included every field trip, holiday, project, and even spotlighted each student on their birthday. It was something so special. Each of us got a copy of the video. I can't wait to see it again.
Mrs. Carroll and the teaching assistant Mrs. Brewington made each child feel so special. They all got a special award. Jacob got the Super Scientist Award because he was so into their lessons on dinosaurs and bugs. He is so proud of his award.

Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Brewington made this year so easy for me to "let go" of Jacob. He has turned into such an amazing boy. I am overwhelmed at all that he has learned. I feel like we have all grown up a little this year.