Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Frolics

We have had such a fun Fall! While Tod and I took a trip to Arizona for our 11th anniversary, the boys went to my parents house in Morganton. I've taken both boys to the Rural Hills Farm Corn Maze - separately!! Now we are preparing for Halloween. I love Fall!

Arizona was incredible! We flew to Phoenix and and stayed there one night. We hung out mostly in Tempe. Very cool city. The next day we drove to Sedona. On the way we stopped at Tonto Natural Bridge. We hiked to the bottom of the bridge and then tried to hike through to the other side. There was a small waterfall falling over the bridge. The water was from a natural cold spring. The plants and rocks at the bottom were frozen from the waterfall. It was strange to see ice in the desert!! We couldn't make it through because of the ice.
The next day we drove up to the Grand Canyon. Amazing! After going to the visitors center we decided to take the Ooh Aah trail. We hiked down into the canyon and oohed and aahed all the way! We found a little perch and ate our lunch then began our hike back to the top of the canyon. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home so I have no pictures of this trip. I'll never forget how beautiful everything was.

Jacob and Brady enjoyed a long weekend with my parents and my grandmother. They went apple picking. I think Brady ate apples the whole time he was there. The trees were full of apples in the mountains.

I took Brady to Rural Hills Farm Corn Maze last week. We met my friend Danelle and her son Jacob. Each "team" had a large flag so the maze guides could find you if you needed help out. Danelle made ours into a train. All of us held on tight. It kept us all together. We were given a blank map and had to find 12 mailboxes that had pieces of the maze map. Once you got all of the pieces you were able to find your way out. We were "lost" in the maze for about an hour. Brady was getting tired so we ducked out before finishing. (We weren't even close) They had some hay bales set up in a mini-maze. The boys liked this much better. I took Jacob there yesterday. He LOVED it! We got through the maze in about 1.5 hours. Jacob was in charge of the map and I had the flag. Jacob did very well following the map and found all of the mailboxes himself. At one area of the maze it was a tight squeeze through the corn. Jacob said to me..."Good thing you are with me 'cause I know Karate!" Yes, good thing!

Jacob has had his Halloween costume on everyday for the past week. He is ready to go trick-or-treating. Brady is clueless. Last night Jacob, dressed as Batman, flew all over our front yard saving us from bad guys. I'm glad our house is safe.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're Back!

We are back from Arizona!! I'll post later about our Grand adventure!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Jacob Skywalker

Jacob's new obsession is Star Wars. He made this video of himself fighting off the Storm Troopers. He left the TV on so there is some noise in the background. Enjoy!