Monday, September 26, 2011

Run Update

As most of you know I have set a goal for myself to run everyday. All I have to do is run one mile minimum each day. Most days I run about 2 miles with a couple of longer runs and maybe a one mile run each week. Last Thursday was my 4 month anniverary. I ran 3 miles on Thursday, 2 miles on Friday, and 2 miles on Sautrday.

Well, on Saturday afternoon I very clumsily and carlessly broke my pinky toe. Not totally sure if I broke it, but it is black and blue and sure feels like it. Sunday morning I very carefully strapped on my shoes and went for the most painful run ever. It took me 16 minutes to run one mile. Once I got home I crept into the bathroom and cried for a couple of minutes while trying to get my shoes off then sucked it up and carried on with my day. Today I waited until around lunchtime to take my daily run. I have to admit it hurts worse today. It was a slow, painful and tear-filled run today.

I have been struggling with my daily run goal. Do I stop and heal? Do I continue? Do I have to start all over? Frustrated.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tales of a Bus Rider

My kids are bus riders. It took me a long time to give in to Jacob's constant request to ride the bus. I drove him to and from school when he was in Kindergarten and half way through 1st grade. Then he finally put his foot down and I allowed him to ride the bus home from school. I still couldn't give up that morning drive.

When second grade came around Jacob told me that he really wanted to ride the bus to school. He didn't want to be a car rider anymore. This meant that he had to wake up 30 minutes earlier! This meant that I had to wake up 30 minutes earlier!!! Not sure if I was ready for this.

I have to admit having a bus rider has made my life so much easier. Not to mention the money we are saving on gas!!

Once Brady started Kindergarten a few weeks ago I had a big decision to make. Do I rev up the minivan and join the carpool line once again, or do I allow Brady to do something I would never let Jacob do....ride the bus. The first three days of school I drove both boys to school and let them ride the bus home. Brady's favorite part of his day was the bus ride. Go figure.

I have received criticism from one person saying, "I can't believe you allow your 5 year old to ride the bus! He must be terrified!" (this person obviously doesn't know Brady!) I have also received some wise words, "Riding the bus is part of growing up. Part of going to school. Part of teaching your kids to be independent."

Miss Saundra, the bus driver, has become a very important person to our family. It is so obvious that she loves her job and truly cares about all of the kids on her bus. She is so kind, caring, and extremely strict! As I put both of my boys on the bus each morning I am confident that she will get them there safely and return them to me each afternoon. We are lucky to have her!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Few Things I Saw Today...

Every once in a while I will have a day where just strange things come into my line of vision. Here are a few things that made me scratch my head today.

* There was a "lady" sitting outside Big Lots (need I go on...) hooked up to an oxygen tank and smoking a cigar. Yes, a cigar. I was a little wary to enter the store in case a small explosion blocked my emergency exit to safety.

* While driving back from Big Lots I saw a car full of elderly women in a bright green Cadillac. All of the ladies had on those gigantic black sunglasses that little old ladies wear. If that wasn't odd enough... they were listening to Eminem's Lose Yourself very loudly.

* After pulling into the driveway and walking the 30 feet to the front door I saw a small black snake, a lizard without a tail, a HUGE orb spider, my neighbors cat, and six baby frogs.

I am hoping that the rest of my day will be normal.