Friday, June 22, 2012

Louisiana 2012

Every summer we head to Louisiana to visit my Grandmother.  The boys love going and were so good on the 12 hour drive down (and back)!  Each time we go there is always a new adventure.  This year we were able to see a logging operation!!!  I think I was more excited about this than the boys!  It was such a neat experience!

Here are the boys in front of the tree saw.

Brady in the Skidder

Jacob in the Skidder



Jacob, Brady, and Mimi

One of my Grandmother's friends has a pool.  The SAME pool that I swam in each summer as a little girl.  Every day we headed over to the pool to cool off and splash around.  Brady and my Mom had water gun fights and I was able to teach Jacob how to of an actual diving board!!  Yep...not many pools left with diving boards!  He loved it!

Jacob....loving the diving board!

When it was time to leave there was a very loud "NO!!!" from the boys.  Makes me feel good that I am not just dragging them around to my summer haunts!  They are having just as much fun as I had!