Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Knowledge is Power

Yesterday I found out that I hurt a friends feelings. Even though it was inadvertently...feelings were still hurt...and I caused it.

Knowing that I hurt a friend hurt me. Severely. I believe within a half hour I experienced every emotion. I was sad that I hurt them, embarrassed that I hurt them, angry that they were even hurt, surprised because I had no idea that I hurt them, and then back to sad.

I have to hand it to my friend because it took courage to even tell me that I had done something that hurt her feelings. When someone hurts my feelings I usually internalize it and then poor Tod gets an ear full at a later date. Then I feel better and move on. (Not sure if Tod has moved on or not....) The other person never knows that they even effected me.

The benefit of my friend telling me is that I was able to apologize. I was able to tell them how much their friendship means to me. I was able to realize that knowing that I hurt them was so much better then NOT knowing.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Would I be revealing too much if I admit that I love to check the mail? This is truly one of my high points of the day.

I absolutely love the distinctive sound of the mail truck slowly making its way to our house. I do wait for our blue gloved mail carrier to get out of view before I eagerly waltz to the mailbox. No need to completely embarrass myself.....everyday.

My favorite mail day is Magazine Day. It is that one day of the month that every magazine is delivered. Opening the mailbox and seeing it completely stuffed gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

The worst mail day is Tuesday. Every Tuesday we get the Super Saver Ads. That's it. Just the Super Saver Ads full of discounted gutter cleaning, outdoor fireplaces, and hard wood flooring. I should just take Tuesday's off from my mail gathering, but I have that just-in-case feeling that maybe, just maybe there may be a little something extra in Tuesday's delivery.

We never get bills anymore thanks to online bill pay. We rarely get junk mail - an odd Geico or AAA membership may sneak through. This limits our mail to personal letters (which are rare thanks to email which isn't nearly as fun checking!), magazines, promotional ads, and Netflix movies.

There is talk that the USPS will stop Saturday delivery. I have mixed feelings about this. I like Saturday delivery because it comes earlier in the day. I don't have to wait until 4:30pm for the mail to get here. I also like Saturday delivery because I can time my Netflix movies for a Saturday movie night. I understand that the post office is losing money and they need to make cuts somewhere. Might I suggest stopping Tuesday delivery??