Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An End To My Automated Life

There are certain 'things' that I can't live without. My dryer, a microwave, TV, the Internet, air-conditioning!!! Well there is one thing that I love.... automatic doors on my minivan! The ease if opening and closing the doors with the press of a button has made my life so comfortable. It is great to be able to open the doors and the tailgate from my little key ring when I have a cart full of groceries and two boys hanging from it. is good.

Until today. I took the van into the shop because it was having trouble with opening and closing its doors. I just assumed it needed a little WD-40 and some TLC. Well, I was wrong. The door tracks are cracked and both motors are blown. Ouch. AND it will cost over two grand to fix. Double ouch! Now I will have to manually open and close both doors. Triple ouch!

It has been nice having this automated life. Good-bye doors opening at the touch of a button. Good-bye my beloved closing of doors without having to take off my seat belt. Good-bye. (tear, sniff, sniff)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's My Lucky Day

I was in out back yard weeding and was looking around at all the weeds I had left to pull when my eyes just locked in on one spot. I couldn't believe it. Three four-leafed clovers were just sitting there!! I have never found even one before. Three! I still can't believe it. I guess today is my lucky day!