Thursday, July 31, 2008


We finally closed on our house today. It is such a huge relief to sign those papers! Tod and I have been so stressed over the sale of our house. Finally we can breathe easy.

I believe this is the longest I have ever lived in one house. I have such a wide range of memories of our old house. Good and bad. When we left the attorneys office today I felt a sense of relief but also a bit of sadness. Don't get me wrong, I love our new house and our new location. I am just being a bit sentimental.

I remember buying the house brand new and filling it little by little with hand-me-down furniture.

I remember painting EVERY wall in the house and re-painting all of my poor paint selections.

I remember sitting in the living room watching the World Trade Center fall and hoping that Tod's friend, Brian Williams, will make it out alive. He didn't.

I remember decorating the nursery and preparing for Jacob and Brady's arrival.

I remember panicking when my Mother went home after helping me after the boys came home for the first time.

I remember watching Tod's father and brothers help us build a screen porch/deck/and sandbox.

I have lots of memories in that house.

Now it is time to make some new ones.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too Hot To Bounce?

This summer is HOT! Too Hot! Every day has been in the upper 90's and it is getting unbearable. Yesterday evening the humidity was just too bad to go outside. The boys were climbing all over us. Tod came up with the idea of inflating the bounce house.....inside. We hooked it up in the bonus room and the boys bounced for hours in glorious air conditioning! This morning Jacob went up to the bonus room and turned it on again and bounced while watching Curious George. Multi-tasking! He tried to get me to "serve" him breakfast in there but mean old Mommy made him sit at the table. Off to bounce...

Faux Hawk

We are going to Kentucky on Friday so I needed to get the boys hair cuts. To keep the kids calm they always give them suckers. Brady sat very quietly and by the end of his haircut he had a very hairy sucker. Yummy. Jacob sat in the chair and the woman asked him how he wanted his hair cut. "I want a mohawk!" The sytlist said, "Er....This OK with you, Mom?" I said, "Sure!" So she gave him a faux hawk so that it will lie flat when we don't gel it up. Jacob said that he really
does look like a Rock Star now!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Let's Dish

I hosted our MOMS Club Let's Dish last Friday. It was a really fun event. Every Mom brought a dish for us all to share while the kids played. Usually only a hand full of Moms come to this event. Well, this was not the case on Friday. Twenty-seven Moms and kids came! It was a big turn out! The kids made a HUGE mess of the house, but they all played nicely and had a great time. Most of the Moms stayed to help me clean up. (Thanks!!) I must say - the food that everyone brought was wonderful. We all FEASTED! Here is a picture of Tyler, Anderson and Brady playing on Brady's bed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Thoughts from a Tired Mommy

*It cost me $8 to take the boys to the free movie today.

*I can't see over my pile of laundry.

*Our closing date for our old house is the 31st. We are stressed.

*It's too hot to do anything today.

*My hair is doing a whoop-te-doo thing today.

*I've read the same page in my book 3 times and still can't comprehend it.

*Jacob has named his stuffed turtle - Turdy! Nice.

*I love the view from our kitchen window.

*My pants are too tight.

*I need to buy batteries for just about every toy and remote in our house.

*I finished today's crossword. (and it was hard!)

*Have I said how hot it is?


4:45am. Yes, that is what time the boys woke me up this morning. They were having a little party in the top bunk. I was too tired to spew the stream of curse words running through my mind. Brady cooperated and came down from the top bunk and Jacob stayed quite enough for both of them to fall back to sleep. I'm still (yawn) a little sleepy because I had a tough time getting back to sleep. Naps all around today!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Tod and I have always wanted the boys to share a room. We bought bunk beds for them and set them up about two weeks ago. Jacob has loved sleeping on the top bunk. He told me that he is now a big kid because he is brave enough to sleep "up top". Brady is having a tough adjustment to sleeping in a big boy bed. He still wants the comfort of the crib. Each night it is a struggle to keep him in bed. Nap time is worse.

Last night was the first time he slept through the night in the bottom bunk. We had an "up and down" time for about 15 minutes before he finally gave in and went to sleep. Today at nap time he kept getting up. It took me 30 minutes to get him to settle down and stay in his bed. I checked on him about ten minutes later. He was GONE! I couldn't find him! Panic set in. I checked his bed, the crib, closet, bathroom...nowhere! I checked the guest room. I called his name. All of the doors were locked so I knew he couldn't get outside. How did he slip past me? I searched the entire house for him. Jacob was completely unconcerned. I was in a total panic. I went back to the boys room and looked again. I still couldn't find him. Then I heard a little noise. He was in the top bunk sound asleep. Whew! I can't believe he climbed up there. Little Stinker! Now I have to worry about him falling out!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Camp Morganton 2008

We spent a week with my parents in Morganton, NC. We have done this for the past couple of years and have come to call our summer visit - Camp Morganton. My Mom planned a fun week for me and the boys.

Our first stop was Tweetsie Railroad. It was so much fun. I thought it would be super cheesy, but it was actually a really fun day. The Cowboy/Indians was not very PC but the kids loved the shootout and the train ride. I took Jacob for his very first Ferris wheel ride. It was terrifying! I remember Ferris wheels being quite harmless. We were traveling at lightening speed on a Ferris wheel on top of a mountain. Jacob's little arms and legs were trembling. I had to hold it together (and try to keep down my hot dog I had for lunch) just to keep talking to him. My Mom, ever so wisely, took Brady on the Merry-go-round. They both had a wonderful time.

We spent another day at Lake James State Park. It is a beautiful beach area on the lake. The water is so shallow that we could sit on the shoreline and watch the boys splash in the water. They loved the freedom.

On the 4th of July we decorated my Dad's golf cart and we participated in the neighborhood golf cart parade. Jacob drove and Brady waved to everyone.
My parents thankfully watched the boys while Tod and I spent Saturday night in Boone. We went hiking along the Blueridge Parkway, got caught in a rain storm, toured around AppState, and RELAXED!!

We had such a great time at Camp Morganton! Can't wait for next year!