Sunday, July 26, 2009


As an adult we don't have very many "firsts". It seems like we have experienced many things, traveled to many places, and eaten many different things. Even if we are doing something for the first time, chances are we have experienced something similar to it. Growing up we have many firsts. First steps. First words. First roller coaster ride. First road trip. First taste of Thai food. Many firsts.

Well, Friday night Jacob had another first. His very first Jell-o shot. Yep, a Jello-shot. Loaded. Our neighbors had a party and the shots were sitting on a table in between the potato chips and the brownies looking very delicious and inviting. Many colors - red, yellow, green. Beautifully arranged on trays in little white cups. So tempting.

It was getting late and Brady was starting to yawn. I was gathering up our things to head back home. Another neighbor witnessed this "first" and alerted me about it. My first reaction was "Oh, No!" I found Jacob and asked him if he had one of the little Jell-o cups. He said he had and shrugged his shoulders. I told him that he didn't do anything wrong but the Jell-o had alcohol in it and they are for the grown-ups to have.

Jacob: "What's alcohol?"
Me: All I could think of saying was, "It has beer in it."
Jacob: " kind of tasted sour and yucky."
Me: "Good!"

I told him it was time for us to head home because his brother was getting sleepy. He started to cry. I thought, he must feel bad about taking the Jell-o shot. I comforted him all the way home and told him that he didn't do anything wrong. Mommy should have noticed them there and told him that he couldn't have any of the grown-up Jell-o. I was wrong. He said, "I sure wish I had taken a brownie instead!! That's why I am crying!!"

I'm sure we will have many more first like this one.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My boys

This summer has been so much fun. I'm so thankful that we have such great neighbors that invite us over often to swim. Our friends Minka and Bob had us over and she took these adorable pictures of the boys.

I think Jacob looks so grown up!

Friday, July 3, 2009


For the last week I have been without. Lost. My computer wasn't working properly and the warranty was about to expire. I had to make the tough decision to ship the ol' laptop off to the Dell wizards for repairs. Yesterday, by miracle of FedEx, my laptop arrived home. I should have made 'Welcome Home' signs and hung balloons. I tried to hide my enthusiasm from the FedEx guy, but I think my tear filled eyes spoke volumes.

For three days we were even without cable. Jacob was completely distraught. When we told him that there was a time when TV, computers, and video games did not exist he said, "What did people do?" Tod and I just shrugged our shoulders.

I'm sure Tod was tired of me calling him at work to "look something up." I may be banned from the library computers....two kids and a quiet section don't mix well. I also used the phone book for the first time in two years. (I had to find it first!)

I am now re-connected and completely plugged in. Aahhhhh.