Monday, March 12, 2012

What's on the inside?

My son Brady is the most inquisitive kid I know. And the question he asks most is "What's on the inside of _______?"

After a trip to Discovery Place he was able to have some of his questions answered. We got to see what the inside of the heart, the brain, bones, and the planet Earth looks like. He is now asking questions about things like mushrooms, rocks, and dirt. Our usual answer is , "just more dirt", or "just more mushroom".

His most resent question had us trying desperately not to laugh and hurt his feelings. "What is on the inside of testicles?" Our answer...."just more testicles!!!"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cheers From the Playroom

Sometimes going on my daily run can be a challenge. Rain, cold, sickness, and even wind can play a huge factor in outdoor running. Well, today's challenge was....I needed to run, but who was going to watch the boys??

I decided to leave them in the house for the first time by themselves. Jacob is 9 so I figured this was OK to run in the neighborhood and leave him in charge. I left strict instructions and had them both repeat them back to me so I knew they were paying attention...then off I went.

Usually I wind my way around the neighborhood and eventually end up back at the house two miles later. Today was different. I didn't want to be too far from the house just-in-case I am needed. So I ran a small loop then back and forth and up and down my street. Never out of sight for more than a couple of minutes.

On my first pass of the house all was quiet. On my next pass the playroom window opened and the boys started shouting at me. I quickly turned off my ipod and yelled, "You OK?" They both started yelling, "Great job, Mom!" "WaHoo!" I got a huge smile on my face and kept running back and forth and up and down my street. Each time I approached the house the window would shoot up and the cheers would begin. "You can do it!" "Awesome!" "WaHoo!" "Go! Mom! Go!" I was beside my self with pride.

When I finished my run I ran upstairs to the playroom and told the boys that their cheers meant so much to me!

Me: Man, You guys are great! That was so sweet and you kept me going!
Jacob: Yeah! It was cool!
Brady: Mom, we are so proud of you!

Oh, my gosh! I couldn't speak because I got so choked up. I gave them each a kiss on the head and went downstairs to cool off.

Today I felt like a champion!