Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Babes in the Woods

We went for a "hike" at McDowell Nature Preserve with Brady's playgroup. The kids had such a good time. They threw leaves and laughed and ran around. Andrew, Liam and Brady surprised us by popping up from this little park bench area. They giggled and had a great time. Have you ever seen such cute little boys?

Karate Chop!

Jacob just started taking Karate. He is loving it. He Karate Chops everything. He is actually doing very well in the class. On Saturday each student got to go to the front of the class to break a plastic board that is pieced together. Each student had to stand and face everyone and say their name and ask permission to break the board. Example - "My name is Kathryn. Premission to break the board". Then the other students and parents say "Yes Maam". Well when it was Jacob's turn he said, "My name is Jacob and I'm breaking the board!!" Everyone laughed. He broke the board in 3 kicks!


I just had to post this picture of Jacob taking a nap! I told him he could play in his room if he wasn't tired. I guess he gave it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Very clever!

This morning while trying to get everyone ready and out the door, Jacob decided that he wanted to eat all of the chocolate kisses in our advent calender. I told him that he can't eat all of the chocolate at once. Only one per day until Christmas. He did not like this and stomped away. Then on the way to school he wanted to make up stories. He told me a story about a good little boy who had really nice parents that loved him very much. Jacob continued with his story and said that this little boy (named Jacob!) was able to eat all the chocolate he wanted because his parents loved him so much. This little boy could play outside after it was dark outside and could stay up late at night and he didn't have to eat any yucky food. I said, "Man, what an interesting story!" Jacob said, "Yes, that sure is a lucky little boy!" I said, "Did you know that I love you very much?" Jacob said, "No. Where's my chocolate?!?!" I give up!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Jacob is our little slugger. He loved playing T-ball this fall. He wasn't the fastest one on the team, but he could really hit the ball! He is very proud of his trophy. It is displayed on his dresser and he shows it to everyone who comes over to the house. Brady, Tod and I made a great cheering section. Can you tell what color the icing was on his cupcake?

Trip to the zoo

We had a family outing to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. Great trip! The boys loved all of the animals. Jacob led us around with the map. Brady loved the Gorillas and monkeys. Hope you enjoy these pictures.

Halloween Pictures

Here are some pictures of Jacob (Superman) and Brady (M&M) on Halloween. Jacob loved handing out the candy. Brady really didn't understand what was going on, but loved it when he got suckers in his bag!!

My First Post!!

OK This is my first post! Not sure where this will go, but I wanted to start a blog to record some of Jacob and Brady's moments!! We will see where this takes us!