Thursday, July 11, 2013

Are We Being Unfair?

Yesterday our oldest son came to us with a proposal.  He wants a dog.  He REALLY wants a dog. 

Tod and I are not really "pet" people.  We have had several fish over the last 10 years, but you cannot snuggle up to a goldfish. Who am I are truly temporary pets.

It is so hard to say no to him.  He's a good kid.  He gets good grades.  He is just a sweet kid who has never given us any trouble.  How can you say no to him?

My mom tells the story about when I was three years old and crawled on to the floor for days and acted like a cat because all I wanted was a kitten so very badly.  After a few days my mom gave in and got us a kitten.  A little black kitten with white paws, chest and a little white mustache.  His name was Buster.  I loved Buster.  I would follow him around everywhere.  I would put him in the basket of my bike and ride round and round in the driveway.  I would carry him and hug him and try to get him to sleep with me every night.  Buster hated me.  I looked like a battered child because I was so scratched up from head to toe.  I didn't care.  Love is blind, right? 

In middle school we got a little Shih Tzu puppy.  Her name was Buffy.  Buster hated Buffy too. (It wasn't just me!)  Buffy was a good dog except for meal time.  We couldn't keep her from begging...couldn't blame her.  My mom's a pretty good cook!  Buffy lived for a long time.  I remember planning our wedding with Buffy laying in the living room.

Aren't all little boys supposed to have a dog? 

Explaining to him that we don't have a big yard, we travel so much, and dogs poop...a lot, and listing all of the reasons why we just cannot get a dog was reasonable and truthful.  Looking at his little sad face was heartbreaking.  Are we being unfair?  Unreasonable?  Cruel?