Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today I ran in the Yiasou Greek Festival 5K. I ran it about two years ago and just love running through the Dillworth area in Charlotte. So beautiful (and shaded!). My goal was to run it in 37 minutes. I haven't been in a race in about a year, but have been running 3 miles a couple times a week on the treadmill for a long time. I know I am slow. Ok...I'm VERY slow. My short legs just don't go very fast. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I didn't make my goal by over two minutes. BUT seeing my family close to the finish line made my morning. Tod was shouting, "Go Kat!" and the boys were yelling, "Yay Mommy!" I almost hyperventilated because I was so choked up. Jacob joined me and ran with me over the finish line. What a great way to start a Saturday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Grade!!!!!

Today I have a first grader!!

This morning started out very early. After a long summer of lazy mornings, it was surprisingly easy to get Jacob out of bed and ready for school. He has been super excited about first grade and had counted down the days. After Meet The Teacher night he was even more excited. Another boy from our neighborhood is in his class, and his buddy from preschool is in his class as well. I could see him sigh in relief that he would know someone in his class.

This year is going to be a little different. Jacob decided he is big enough to ride the bus to and from school. Last year, about mid year, he decided he wanted to ride the bus home. I allowed him, but paced the floor every afternoon waiting for the bus to come. My heart would race until I saw him step off the bus. Well, at 7:00am I put him on the bus to go to school. He looked so small, but I could tell he felt SO big. He sat by the window about half way back. I could see his face barely tall enough to see out the window. He wouldn't wave but gave me the tough-guy-head-nod. I could tell he was a little nervous, but he was also very proud of himself.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Mile High

We have officially had the Denver Experience! Tod and I flew out to Denver to spend a few days with my sister and brother-in-law, while the boys were visiting my parents. Ellen and Jim showed us what living in Colorado is all about. They even had a cocktail party so we could meet all of their friends. It was such a fun group of people.

They live a few blocks from Washington park and we took full advantage of this. On Thursday we all went for a run through the beautiful grounds. There were so many people out using the park with kids, pets, or just out for a run themselves. After our cool down and shower we decided to take a bike ride down Cherry Creek to have lunch in downtown Denver. I believe the total round trip was about 7 miles. I can't believe I survived this!! Here is a picture of our bikes parked outside of the cafe for lunch.

On Friday we took off for the mountains. We headed west to Copper Mountain. Jim and their friend, Nan, took part in the Copper Triangle cycling event. It was a 78 mile bike trek through 3 mountain passes. Grueling! We couldn't be more proud of them. Everyone teared up at the finish line. The good part was the last 10 miles was downhill!!

Here's the view from our condo. You can see the moon just over the mountain. And, yes, we did take advantage of the heated pool!!

Ellen and I out on the balcony.

Tod and Jim walking through the village of Copper Mountain. You can see the railing and flags from the cycling event.

The beautiful creek that flowed near our condo.

Tod and I at the marina in Frisco at Lake Dillon. We went kayaking during the cycling event. Tod had a single and Ellen and I had a double kayak. In the picture you can see the storm coming up behind us, but while we were kayaking it was a beautiful sunny day. We say a hawk dive for a fish and carry it off! Just amazing.

Tod, Ellen, and Jim at the marina. You can tell it was a little cold that day!!

We found a pub in Frisco for happy hour. Here is Ellen and Nan the night before Copper Triangle.

The next morning Jim and Nan started on their 78 mile journey through the Rockies. Tod and Ellen woke up to see them off. (I slept through the whole thing :( ). This picture was taken about 5:30am.

We found yet another pub at the finish line to watch for Jim and Nan to cross the finish line.

Unfortunately we almost missed Jim!! We were paying our bill and getting over to the railing and he saw us! We hooted and hollered at him. Yay Jim!

We did get to see Nan cross the finish line about 30 minutes later. She is actually smiling after 78 miles!

The two champions!

After the Copper Triangle we got cleaned up then headed to the slopes!! Well, we just took the chair lift to the top. It was a little scary on the way back down.

I was shaking with fear while taking this picture. That's why it's a little off center.

Ellen and I on our way down the mountain. I couldn't let go of the bar....I was truly trying to be brave.

We so loved our trip to Denver. Tod and I have never been to a city and said, "I could live here" until we went to Denver. Although, we have never spent a winter there..... Thank you, Ellen and Jim, for such a wonder trip!!!