Wednesday, February 20, 2008

John? Who's John?

This morning on the way to school Jacob told me that he is going to change his name to John.

Me -"Why John, Don't you like Jacob?"
Jacob - "I just think it is a cool name and will make me cooler."
Me - "Ok. Can we call you Jacob and maybe your friends can call you John?"
Jacob - "No. I'm going to be John to everybody. Even you guys."
Me - "But, I like to call you Jacob."
Jaocb - "You are going to have to get over it!"
Me- "OK. If you put it that way I'll call you John."
John - "Good. Do I seem cooler!"
Me - "Yes. Much cooler."

After school he told me that no one in his class would call him John. "I guess I will go back to being Jacob." I told him that I thought Jacob was just as cool as John. "Yeah I guess so...."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vacuum Trouble

My philosophy - "If it ain't broke...don't go buy a new one!" We have had our vacuum cleaner for just over 10 years. It was one of our first purchases when we moved into our first house in Burlington, KY. I'm not sentimental about a vacuum cleaner or anything, just not ready to give it up. Anyway, as all of you know we have our house on the market and vacuuming is a daily activity. Well, on Thursday I was vacuuming away and BOOM!! Uh-Oh! Yes, right before a showing the darn thing exploded! Panic set in! With Tod and work and Jacob at school, it was only Brady and I there to deal with the situation and we all know Brady is not going to be much help! After standing there in sheer amazement of the massive amout of dust and dirt and gook all over the place, I finally pulled myself together and started piecing together our dear vacuum cleaner. It only took me 20 minutes, two screw drivers, a few four letter words, and a new vacuum bag to fix the vacuum. I'm just proud of myself for mending my reliable vacuum. And, yes, it works better than ever!!