Thursday, February 26, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

Jacob and Brady have been cracking me up with all of their little phrases. Here are a few..

Jacob - "Is it time for breaktis?" (breakfast)
Brady - "More monster yellow, pleeze" (more mozzarella, please)
Jacob - "How's comes school lasts the whole day?" (because you still say How's comes)
Brady - "My snort....My snort" Brady's snort is his toy bulldozer.
Jacob - "I'm not brushing my teeth. I'm going to loose them anyway."
Brady - "Pffssst. Make fawt sounds. Sorry Mama."

These two keep me laughing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Could Go For Miles And Miles....

There are some days that I feel like I am in the car all day long - driving the boys to school, driving to the grocery, driving to play groups, driving, driving, driving. I have even had to get gas twice in one week. At the first of the year I decided to see how many miles I drive in a week. I average about 200 miles per week. That's a lot of driving for someone who doesn't have a job to commute to. I told Tod about this and he was floored about how many miles I am putting on the van. In the past two weeks I have tried to limit my trips to the grocery and I have tried to make sure I am not driving "wasted" miles. I've cut back by 50 miles each week. Now I feel trapped in the house! I guess those 50 miles are needed for my sanity.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tough Guys

Check out these tough guys. Yes I do feed them! It is kind of hard to look tough when you don't have any front teeth or you have your diaper hanging out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forty-two Years

I am very proud to say that my parents have been married for 42 years today! My parents have taught me many lessons over the years. I may have had to learn some of these lessons the hard way, but they were always there to pick me up and get me back on track. One of the most important lessons they have taught me is the value of marriage. They still go out on dates, hold hands, and tell each other they love each other often. They are a strong example of a good marriage that is full of respect, tenderness, and love. I love you Mom and Dad ..and.. Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day...Really??

I woke the boys up around 6:15am. (Well, Brady was already up!) Tod was already eating breakfast and watching Sports Center. I put the boys cereal on the table then bundled up to get the morning paper. Brrrr. It was bitterly cold out with a slight dusting of snow on the ground. Back inside I turned on the back deck lights so the boys could see the snow. Then the phone rang. We all kind of looked at each other - "Who would call so early?" I answered the phone and it was a recorded message saying "Due to the icy conditions school will be cancelled today." What? Really? Again? Right now it is still super cold, but the sun is shining and there isn't any ice or snow anywhere. I think this was a bad call. Maybe a 2 hour delay, but the whole day off? Oh well. I've thrown out my "to do" list and have been playing Mario Kart with Jacob most of the morning. Now we have two snow days to make up. I hope they can make it up on President's Day. Looks like we are going to have to say in today because of temperature. On the bright's going to be in the 60's over the weekend!