Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little Fall Update

Things have been busy around here.  Here's a little update...

- Went to the eye doctor yesterday for my regular check-up.  Now I need reading glasses. Yuck!

- I am about a month away from my 900th day of running. 

- I just turned 40 (see previous post) and it wasn't earth shattering!  It was a very sweet and perfectly orchestrated weekend trip to the beach by my family.

- Let Me Run starts next week.  I cannot wait to see the boys from last year and all of the new faces.  We had so many sign up that we were able to have two teams!  I have to admit...I love being called Coach Kat!

- My boss just quit.  Yep, she quit...  There is lots of whispering going on at work and I am staying out of it completely.  The rumor is that I will be either offered her job,or my job will be terminated, or they will hire someone for her position and my job will remain the same.  I am hoping for the last option!! 

- Got the house decorated for Halloween for the very first time!  The boys have been bugging me about Halloween decorations for years. The most we ever do for Halloween are a couple of pumpkins carved with goofy faces.  This year we have SPIDERS!!  Big fuzzy spiders.  The boys love them.  I may even put Santa hats on them and bring them back out in a couple of months....