Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brady's Song

Yesterday was Brady's last day of school. The 2 year old classes performed first. At the Christmas performance Brady just stood there with his bottom lip out and didn't sing a single word. Boy, Brady sure has changed!!! Please stick with the video. I know it is shaky, but I was giggling so much!! At the end of the song Brady breaks out into his favorite song, "Big Yellow Truck Going Down The Road"! Too funny! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventures with Brady

It seems like Brady has decided to move from "baby" to "little boy". Tod and I have been so worried about him for such a long time. Brady has finally realized that it is more fun doing things himself. He sup rises us all of the time. We have been spending a lot more quality time lately and it truly paid off. We have been able to have many more adventures and here are a few of our latest.

We went strawberry picking with a group of friends. Brady had a blast. He would pick one strawberry then eat two. Look how delicious the berries are!

Brady with his berry container.

Brady and his buddy Mason trying to find the best strawberries.

I've been trying to teach Brady to wink. Here is his attempt...with a container full of strawberries.

I'm so glad I put him in a red shirt!

Another picture of Brady and Mason stuffing their faces!
Where's Brady?

Brady has discovered music. He likes to listen when we are in the car. It doesn't even matter what kind...just music. When the radio DJ's come on Brady yells, "LISTEN TO MUSIC!" Tod let him listen to his iPod. He sat in the window for a long time listening to music.

Maybe it was a sad song?

Tod finally has someone to ride the roller coasters with!! They are in the last car. I wish you could see the expression on his face. Pure joy! Brady laughed the entire ride. I took him on two other rides that he was barely tall enough to ride. He LOVED it. Giggled and screamed the whole time.

I thought I would be sad to see my baby grow up, but I'm not. I love each new chapter in our lives. Brady has suddenly decided to be a little boy and I know I will still be surprised when he decides to be a big boy!