Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Goal Reached

Tomorrow I will privately celebrate my 6 month anniversary of running every day. I cannot believe that I have lasted 6 months!!

About a year ago I started running to lose weight. I just figured that it was the easiest and fastest way to exercise. (Since I despise exercising.) Then it became a chore. Then I just stopped running all together. Just wasn't into it.

After reading the article in the New York Times about a group of people that run each and every day (rain or shine) I had to do some reevaluating. Tod and I decided to challenge ourselves to run every day. I have to admit I started out with a goal to run every day for one week. That's it. One week. Then I kept pushing the goal further and further into the future. I changed it to one month, then two months, then three...you get the picture. Well I have finally reached my 6 month goal.

Since I am confessing to my hatred of exercising....I shall confess more.

I started running to lose weight and get in shape. Seems like a good weight loss plan to me. However, I was very disappointed that the pounds didn't just fly off my body. Then someone said to me that they were surprised that I was running at all. They told that I didn't seem athletic enough to be a runner. That I didn't have the right "body type" to run. Well that just fueled my fire. I dropped the desire to run for weight loss. I was running to prove this person wrong. Ha! In your face!

Well, that only lasted about a week. I wanted my runs to be a positive experience. I want to run every day to prove to myself that it can be done. I want to run for my husband so he is proud of me. I want to run for my kids and set a good and healthy example. I want to run for my friends so we can share our experiences. And, most importantly, I want to run for those who can't.

A friend recommended the book Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong to me. I am totally in love with this book and want everyone to read it. She is such an inspiration. She inspires me to inspire others. While reading this book I realized that I use my runs as my "me" time. I use it to work out my problems, schedule my day, or just dream about what I want to do with my life.

I don't' know what my next goal will be. I do know I will keep running for positive reasons. And I will continue to run every day (rain or shine).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

This picture just about sums up my Jacob's personality. AND I cannot believe he is already nine years old. Nine! Where has the time gone?

Lately I have had my fair share of eye rolling, and "Geesh, Mom!" 's from Jacob. He has such a strong sense of self and is so independent. I am having trouble letting him be...him. I do believe that I am subconsciously preventing him from growing up. I'm not ready to have such a big kid!!

Friday night we had six of his friends over for a sleep-over. They had a great time, but I did hear Jacob say a couple of times, "I wish my mom would just let us do what we want!" Well, I did have to stop them from doing flips off of the bed and flinging glow sticks at our new TV. Yes, I know.....I'm such a drag! I have to admit I did have my feelings hurt...just a little.

The next day I took Jacob on a lunch date. We went to McDonald's (his choice). He ordered a happy meal and got my drink for me. After he picked out the perfect table for us we settled down and ate our meals. What surprised me most about lunch was that Jacob actually talked to me. He hasn't wanted to really talk to me in such a long time. We talked about school, his friends, what we want to do next summer, Christmas, the beach, and GIRLS! Yep, he actually talked to his mama about girls. I was glowing.

Happy Birthday, Jacob! You brighten every day and make me so proud to be your Mom!