Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Over?

Well, the holidays are officially over. I will write all about it once I unbury myslef from the piles of suitcases, gifts, laundry, and wonderful memories! Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Quiet

You know that moment when all is quiet. When everything just stops and there is that brief moment of silence. That single moment when your child has to make an announcement when all around you is so still and quiet. Well, Brady picked that exact moment today while IN CHURCH! He announced, "Take my underwear off! I have to go potty!" I could feel the heat rising up into my face. You can't just sneak out the back after that kind of announcement. I basically gathered our coats grabbed my purse and scooted us out without making any eye contact with anyone. After meeting Brady's demands, we found a spot in the lobby of the church and watched the rest of the service on the closed circuit TV. All was quiet again. Whew!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Jacob's class is talking about traditions this week in school. His teacher gave us an assignment to bring something in to show the class our holiday traditions. We were stumped. We don't really have any "traditions".

Growing up we always traveled to Louisiana to spend the holidays with my Grandparents. We moved around every 3-4 years so going to Louisiana was something constant. Something comfortable. A tradition. When I was in high school my Dad was always "on duty" at the plant so my Grandparents traveled to us. Our tradition changed.

Tod's family always had a routine of going to Grandma Owens' house on Christmas Eve then to Midnight Mass. On Christmas they had a family Christmas at home then off to Grandma O'Donnell's house for the rest of Christmas day festivities.

Since we have started our family every Christmas has been different. We alternate Christmases between my family and Tod's. We have celebrated Christmas in Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We have had our Christmas in happy places and in sad places. We have even celebrated Christmas as late as January 21st. One Christmas we didn't even have a tree. (Well, we decorated our ficus...doesn't count!)

There are some traditions in our families that I hope will last for many generations. My Dad always fixes a huge batch of fudge. He even makes an extra batch without pecans for me. Tod's Mom always buys us all new pajamas to wear every Christmas Eve. We all look great for our Christmas morning pictures! My Dad also makes many pans of party mix. Sometimes it is super spicy...the way we all like it. He started making some "not so spicy" for the kids. Tod's Grandma Owens makes the best Christmas cookies and coffee cake. Yum! My Mom cooks up a HUGE pot of crawfish gumbo every year. We FEAST and there are not many leftovers.

Jacob said that he is going to tell his class that our tradition is that we do things different each year. I guess it doesn't matter where or when you spend your holidays, but who you spend them with. This is why I have chosen Fudge, Party Mix, and Gumbo as my new blog title. What a great tradition we have!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Letters to Jake

I have been looking for an address so Jacob can write a letter to Santa. I found one the other day and asked Jacob if he wanted to write to Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas. Here is our conversation...
Me: Hey Jacob. Do you want to write a letter to Santa? I found his address and you can tell him what you want for Christmas.
Jacob: No. I think I will write a letter to Jake Delhomme. (Panther's Quarterback)
Me: Why?
Jacob: Well, he broke his finger and I want to tell him that I hope he feels better.
Me: Aaaa, OK.
Jacob: Can you get his address?
Me: Ummm, I will certainly try!