Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little Fall Update

Things have been busy around here.  Here's a little update...

- Went to the eye doctor yesterday for my regular check-up.  Now I need reading glasses. Yuck!

- I am about a month away from my 900th day of running. 

- I just turned 40 (see previous post) and it wasn't earth shattering!  It was a very sweet and perfectly orchestrated weekend trip to the beach by my family.

- Let Me Run starts next week.  I cannot wait to see the boys from last year and all of the new faces.  We had so many sign up that we were able to have two teams!  I have to admit...I love being called Coach Kat!

- My boss just quit.  Yep, she quit...  There is lots of whispering going on at work and I am staying out of it completely.  The rumor is that I will be either offered her job,or my job will be terminated, or they will hire someone for her position and my job will remain the same.  I am hoping for the last option!! 

- Got the house decorated for Halloween for the very first time!  The boys have been bugging me about Halloween decorations for years. The most we ever do for Halloween are a couple of pumpkins carved with goofy faces.  This year we have SPIDERS!!  Big fuzzy spiders.  The boys love them.  I may even put Santa hats on them and bring them back out in a couple of months....

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cod said...

Oh cool, can't wait to see the spiders! Can't wait to see my boys! Can't wait to see you guys!

Let me know about the job! Keeping good thoughts.

I love your updates!