Thursday, September 26, 2013

Birthday Eve...

Today is the eve of my fortieth birthday.  I have to admit I am trying to turn 40 quietly.  No cake. No balloons. No shenanigans. Just another day, right?

Don't you remember as a kid 40 being so old?  Parents were 40.  Teachers were 40. Anyone in authority was 40. Forty always seemed so...well...old.

I remember when my parents turned 40.  I just couldn't believe they were THAT old!  Now they are turning 70ish and they seem so young!  I am completely confused about turning 40.

Each day I know I do something that my 20 year old self shakes her head at, like knees popping when I stand up, lecturing my boys on proper dinner time etiquette (always ends with someone burping followed by laughter), or getting excited when CBS Sunday Morning come on.  There are also days that my (almost) 40 year old self shakes her head at my former 20 year old self.  The poor decisions I made (I had fun, but hey...), the people that I allowed to take advantage of me, or even (what seems like a good idea at the time) the regrettable tattoo.  I guess that is all part of "growing-up".

As the sun rises tomorrow I will put the kids on the bus, kiss the husband good bye, and go for a run.  I will shower, eat breakfast, and then head to work.  I will, throughout the day, be thankful for another year here on Earth.  I will look back and see what wonderful people I have had the privilege of knowing.  I will look forward to all of the amazing places that I have yet seen.  As the sun sets I will be so grateful that I am old and that I am 40.     

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cod said...

Kat, some people are old at 25. I know it's a cliche to say you are only as old as you feel, but how true that is. The body ages, the knees crack, the gray hair grows in, but those are just subtle reminders, that crop up now and then.

You are and I know always will be " young for your age". You run everyday, you laugh a lot, your mind is constantly keeping up, you read, you play, you make new friends, you meet new challenges everyday!

Yep, 40 is a milestone! I have discovered that so is 50, 60, and egads, for me 70 is coming! WHAT??

Today, forget about it! You reached 40 with all the energy and love for life you had at 20. The important thing is too LIVE life always, something you have taught me.

I love you dearly.