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Cruising Day 2 and 3...on our way to Nassau, Bahamas

 Day two of our cruise was a "Fun Day At Sea".  Well, this day started at 3:30am for me.  I was woken up rolling around on our bed and loud sprays of water hitting the boat outside our window.  We were sailing through a little storm.  When you are out at sea a little storm feels like a HUGE storm.  As my family slept soundly to the rocking back and forth, I laid there trying to go over our safety drill.  Did I remember our route to the life boat?  What was our Muster Station again?  Should I go ahead and put my shoes on?  I was awake for about an hour and decided I needed to stop driving the ship and get some sleep.  It worked.  I let the boat rock me back to sleep.

We woke up to this...

...a beautiful day with smooth waters.  The ship had lots of little bay windows to sit in.  Here are the boys.  Brady was a little nervous sitting out over the water!

Our day at sea was spent exploring the ship.  Tod and I got our daily run in on the jogging track on the top deck of the ship.  It was strange running on a ship.  You could feel the boat rocking.  There were a few times I was all over the track swaying and running at the same time.  I'm sure it looked hilarious.
On all cruise ships food is everywhere.  There were two dining rooms, a cafeteria style dining room, a grill, and many soft serve ice cream machines all over the ship.  The first two mornings we ate breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria style dining room.  Lots of wonderful food to chose from.  They always had lots of fruit and salad makings which surprised me a little.  The dessert area was always so beautifully arranged.  And, yes, we did have dessert with EVERY meal!!
The  boys went to Camp Carnival in the afternoon for about two hours.  They were able to play some video games and meet the other kids on the ship.  They went reluctantly, but really enjoyed it once we picked them up.  While they were in Camp Carnival, Tod and I hit the casino!! 
That night was a chilly.  We ate in the formal dining room.  The boys loved it.  The wait staff was fabulous.  They didn't understand our names (don't know why) so Tod and I were Tom and Kathy for the rest of the trip.  We answered to it by the end of the trip.
Here is Brady with his camo hoodie on relaxing and looking out over the pool a the tail of the ship.  While Tod and Jacob....

...played ping pong.  Jacob looks a little possessed in this picture too!  Several times a day we played miniature golf.  The 9 hole mini golf course was in the middle of the jogging track.  After our full day at sea we decided to cap it off with some night golf!!

As the sun came up on day three we pulled into Nassau, Bahamas.  It was a beautiful day.

We decided not to do an organized excursion while in Nassau.  The port is a block from the town and about 5 blocks from the beach.  We found a great place to camp out for the day called Junkaroo Beach.  The owner of the World Famous Tiki Bar (actually it was more like a make shift hut) approached us and offered us two chairs, and umbrella, 4 beers, and unlimited soft drinks for the kids for $40.00.  Sold!  We set up camp!  We both enjoyed the local beer...

In case you can't read that label...
You are going to have to trust me...Bush Crack is delicious!  AND all you need is two beers!!
There was a concrete pier next to our beach and Jacob loved running to the end chasing off all of the sea gulls.

They played and built lots of sand castles.  What a beautiful day!
Jacob...hates that mom always wanting to take his picture!

The owner of the Tiki Bar's son was off of school that day so Brady and KJ became fast friends.  Brady was more into building and KJ was more into tearing down.  The friendship was short lived!

Brady...he has no waist so his swimsuit kept falling down!

You can see how close we are to the ship.  There were 5 other cruise ships that we were able to watch  come in and dock.

We debarked from Nassau at about 5pm.  We were greeted in the dining room.."Welcome back, Tom and Kathy!"  The boys were so very tired after dinner.  We tucked them in and headed out for another winning session at the casino! 
With the calm waters in the Southeastern Atlantic we slept without interruption. 
Next stop..Freeport!

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