Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Last Day

The day before departure we watched a debarkation video on our room TV so we knew exactly what to do the next morning.  There were a few options to debark and we chose to carry our own luggage off of the ship.  We had to be at a particular elevator bank at 7:10am to exit the ship.  We are early risers so this wasn't a problem.

Tod woke up really early and decided to go get some coffee and read for a little while.  I got up a little after that.  I went to the bathroom to change my clothes and brush my teeth.  Then I heard a gurgling noise that no one wants to hear coming from the toilet.  I quickly gathered everything off of the floor and opened the door.  Water started gushing out.  It was like a potty waterfall!  I panicked!  I kept pressing the flush button on the wall.  The water would be completely sucked out (like normal) then quickly rise!  Now I started to sweat!  I opened the cabin door and luckily our steward was right there.  She was just as shocked as I was!  She gathered lots of towels so the water would stay in the bathroom.  I kept pressing the flush button over and over to keep the water down!  Then finally...it stopped rising! Whew!   This is not how I wanted to start my day.  But I was thankful that this happened on the last day and not the first!!

A little while later we ate breakfast then headed off of the ship.  We were home by 10:30am.  Nice!

This was such a fun vacation.  The boys are at a great age that we can do these kinds of things and they are willing to be taken anywhere!  When we got home we asked them what other countries they wanted to go to.  Jacob said Ireland and Brady said Arizona......

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cod said...


Wouldn't that have been embarrassing if the water from your toilet would've sunk the ship!?!?

I love you!